Naledi Hollbruegge

Consulting Analyst

Collect, process, analyse and present data - from supporting everyday business decisions to driving global change


Coming from a background in social psychology and social research, I have theoretical and practical knowledge in survey design and impact assessment. I have data collection and management experience with Kobo Toolbox, Qualtrics, Commcare and Airtable.


As an Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified analyst I can offer support on improving existing workflows and creation of new processes, covering data transformation, unification, spatial and predictive analysis, and more.


I am a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional with extensive knowledge of data visualisation best-practices. I have experience creating interactive tools and static infographics that can be consumed online or in print. Besides Tableau I have worked primarily with Power BI and Flourish

About me

I am Naledi, a consulting data analyst and social researcher passionate about working with organisations that want to make effective use of their data; from the first ideas around what you want to measure and how to capture data accurately, through data preparation, analysis and management, all the way to impactful presentation of insights. I can support each step of the process to enable your organisation in making evidence-driven decisions or share insights with new audiences. I also offer training in Tableau and data visualisation best practices.

I am available for short-term projects and part-time longer-term engagements.


A sample of my work


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"It’s been great working with you, from the very first conversation scoping the project to delivering the final product. You were extremely quick to understand our objectives as well as our rather cumbersome dataset and you very much added to our initial thinking about what the viz can look like/be able to do. Communication was consistently clear and prompt, making the whole process very easy to manage for us. For what it’s worth, I hope we get the chance to do more of this together in the future, as our plans develop."

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