Naledi Hollbruegge

Consulting Analyst

Collect, process, analyse and present data - from supporting everyday business decisions to driving global change


Coming from a background in social psychology and social research, I have theoretical and practical knowledge in questionnaire design and impact assessment. I have data collection and management experience with Kobo Toolbox, Qualtrics, Commcare and Airtable.


As an Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified analyst I can offer support on improving existing workflows and creation of new processes, covering data transformation, unification, spatial and predictive analysis, and more.


I am a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional with extensive knowledge of data visualisation best-practices. I have experience creating interactive tools and static infographics that can be consumed online or in print. Besides Tableau I have worked primarily with Power BI and Flourish. 

About me

I am Naledi, a consulting data analyst and social researcher passionate about working with organisations that want to make effective use of their data; from the first ideas around what you want to measure and how to capture data accurately, through data preparation, analysis and management, all the way to impactful presentation of insights. I can support each step of the process to enable your organisation in making evidence-driven decisions or share insights with new audiences. I also offer training in Tableau and data visualisation best practices.

I am available for short-term projects and part-time longer-term engagements.


A sample of my work and personal projects

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